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How Playing an Instrument Benefits Your Brain

Are you ready for a fresh, current, exciting, energized Classroom Music option at your school?

Until now, there has been a limited choice of classroom music options for Peninsula Schools. But for the past 7 years, this amazing program has been making hundreds of local elementary school children excited about their classroom music experience each week. This on-site Classroom Music curriculum was founded by the Directors of San Mateo's own Myriad Music School and Dance Academy, a community favorite since 1997.

Meet our Director and Teachers - let's get started! Get ready for a whole new music (& dance )spin on next year!

We are ready to expand our Classroom Music, on-site programs. We are only accepting a few new schools for 2015-2016. Let's build that perfect partnership ~ Reserve your talented teacher NOW! Let us know if you are interested in rejuvenating your classroom music experience with the many fun, smart methods of Music Matters. Contact us at info@musicmatters.education to learn more.

Students' Stories

"I like games in music class. It makes me feel happy and we all learn alot."

~ Sosefina, 1st Grader

12 Exciting Benefits: Why Teachers, Students & Parents LOVE Music Matters as their Classroom Music choice! It's all about Awesome Teachers & Smart, Current Content!

  • We are NOT a volunteer / docent-led program. We are professional, university-trained music and dance educators with extensive classroom management experience.
  • Music Literacy Outcomes carefully sequences for each grade. All students are learning how to read music. See our detailed curriculum outlined here.
  • Performance songs feature professional, fully instrumented backtracks, supplied to Music Matters by a choral educators' association, specializing in a modern approach to choral education. Students LOVE these songs. These arrangements give our students a complete "glee" experience.
  • Choreography, taught by Myriad's own talented dance teachers, furthering that 'glee' feeling for our students.
  • Pre-Band prep, with a recorder emphasis for Grades 3 - 4. These students learn to follow a score and a conductor. They will be ready for band instruments when the time comes! Each student receives their own recorder to keep.
  • Ukulele emphasis for Grades 2 - 4
  • Composer Fun Facts! Composer Fun Facts! Each grade learns about 4 composers per year.
  • Percussion Workshops featuring West African and Brazilian rhythms
  • Orff Instruments & Kodaly emphasis in all classes
  • Energized & Organized! That's the best way to describe our Music Matters Teachers. All of our teachers have music degrees with an emphasis in Music or Dance Education in addition to their instrument or dance performance training. All teachers have extensive teaching experience, both at the Myriad Music School & Dance Academy and within classrooms music throughout the United States. Some of our teachers come to us from the east coast and the mid-west where classroom music programs are strong and vibrant for elementary, middle school and high school levels.
  • Strong Classroom Management Skills demonstrated by all Music Matters Teachers : Our own PTA president says it best: "The longtime instructor has developed a strong connection to the children, fostering an environment of peer interaction and communication where kids learn to show respect, to sit and be still and quiet for designated periods of time, and to be attentive." - PTA Representative, Meadow Heights Elementary
  • End of Year Performances - so exciting and fun for our students! One of "Your Stories" says it beautifully: "The end of each school year provides a special opportunity for kids in each grade level to host family and friends for a special recital showcasing all that they have learned during the year. By the time students are ready to transition to the next level of music classes they have a deep understanding of music and a foundation that has prepared them for their individual parts in the larger ensembles found in the upper grades." - PTA Representative, Meadow Heights Elementary

"Music class means a calming time, it transports me to different places. I like how Ms. Lilley encourages us."

~ George, 3rd Grader

Music Matters is a dynamic, engaging and innovative music program

that has successfully been a part of the San Mateo school district for seven years. This program gives students a unique, re-vamped, fresh format, learning and loving music within their school setting. We provide high quality, high energy instruction that keeps every student engaged and excited about music. Our tried and true curriculum is carefully sequenced, building skills starting with Transitional Kindergarten and continuing through fourth grade.

"I like music class because right after I learn a new recorder song, I can transfer it over to the saxophone. I like singing so the other half of class is that, thankfully. Music and singing is the main way I express myself everyday."

~ Steven, 4th Grader


First-step skills revolve around the foundational building blocks of music learning, namely rhythm and note reading using solfege and letter names, ensemble play with percussion instruments and healthful, in-tune singing voices. Students learn songs that are written in the correct vocal range for children, with fun upbeat, professionally recorded background tracks that are based on the popular sounds of today's music.

"I am so glad that we have music in school because it is nice and peaceful. It also relaxes our minds into a happy place. If we did not have music in school everyone would be so sad."

~ Michaela, 4th Grader


We expand upon these skills by transferring them onto instruments such as recorder, ukulele, mallet percussion and assorted hand percussion. In addition, we also add cultural aspects by listening and moving to world music, learning about famous composers from the 1600s - Contemporary era. Special clinicians are invited in to work with students on a multitude of music or dance related topics.


because it allows students to learn in safe, fun, progressive and current environment.