1st Grade Students

This is What Music Means to Me!

  • "I love music class because it is my talent." ~ Marien, 1st Grader
  • "I like dancing because Ms. Lilley makes up new moves. When I hear instruments, I feel happy." ~ Eliza, 1st Grader
  • "My favorite things of all is dancing, singing and games. Music makes me happy!! I am very musical." ~ Melody, 1st Grader
  • "Music class means so much to me. Ms. Lilley is great." ~ Gavin, 1st Grader
  • "Having fun and being friends singing songs." ~ Alexander, 1st Grader
  • "I like to do music with my friends." ~ Aiden, 1st Grader
  • "When I go to music class my favorite thing to do is sing because it makes me happy." ~ Yeimy, 1st Grader
  • "I like games in music class. It makes me feel happy and we all learn alot." ~ Sosefina, 1st Grader
  • "I like instruments. I like to play all the different instruments we learn about." ~ Kirin, 1st Grader