3rd Grade Students

We provide classroom music instruction for Grades TK - 4th. Here are some stories from the 3rd Graders.

This is What Music Means to Me!

  • "Music class means a calming time, it transports me to different places. I like how Ms. Lilley encourages us." ~ George, 3rd Grader
  • "I like playing games and playing the recorder. At first I was bad at the recorder but now I am good because of you." ~ Max, 3rd Grader
  • "I like music because I like playing recorder and playing games like 'Race to the Candy Corn'. Music makes me calm because when I sing, I forget about other things." ~ Samuel, 3rd Grader
  • "I like music because it makes me happy and glad. And I like to play the recorder because it relaxes me and make me think happy thoughts." ~ Carlos #11, 3rd Grader
  • "It's so fun! I wish we could do it more! I love singing, dancing and playing instruments. I also love music." ~ Mya, 3rd Grader
  • "Music makes me feel happy and ready to learn new songs. I love singing because all of us are singing the same song and nobody is teasing you. I like playing my recorder because I'm moving my hands and I'm learning new notes. I also like dancing because it makes me happy and I learn new dance moves. I feel proud of myself." ~ Nancy, 3rd Grader
  • "I love music because my music teacher is very kind. Music makes me feel confident and happy. If I could pick any job I would pick to be a musician. Playing the recorder makes me feel happy." ~ Sherli, 3rd Grader
  • "I like the recorder because it is a new instrument and I like a note because it sounds like 'C'. I also like the game 'Poison' ...you have to hear the note if it matches the note." ~ Jake, 3rd Grader
  • "I love music because I feel really really good when I do it and when I dance I feel like I'm in a stage." ~ Rahiun, 3rd Grader
  • "I like reading music because it's like I can read new language. And I now can play 4 different instruments and when I take music class I will learn more. Music class is great. I love music." ~ Teddy, 3rd Grader
  • "Music makes me feel alive because when I sing I relax and feel alive because I can let my voice out. When I play my recorder I feel like I am a musician and I am confident. Also Ms. Lilley is the best teacher ever." ~ Nicole, 3rd Grader
  • "Music can surround you with warmth and it makes you feel good about yourself. Music is an adventure." ~ Darcy, 3rd Grader
  • "I love doing the recorder because of the music...how good I do it with my classmates." ~ Luis, 3rd Grader
  • "I love music because I learn how to play the recorder. I feel proud that I can read music notes and when I sing I feel confident...since I don't like singing in front of other people." ~ Audrey, 3rd Grader
  • "I love music because we get to play recorder. And I love singing. We learn how to read sheet music." ~ Julia, 3rd Grader
  • "One of my favorite things are recorder and dancing because it makes me happy. Recorder makes me feel alive but the dance is real fun too." ~ Kennedy, 3rd Grader
  • "I love the tune of the song Ms. Lilley picks for us. I love Ms. Lilley's kindness. I enjoy the recorder." ~ Amina, 3rd Grader
  • "My favorite thing about music is that I learned to play the recorder. That we learned a dance routine. That I know how to read music." ~ Erick, 3rd Grader
  • "My favorite parts of music are playing the recording and dancing. Plus, I also love learning new songs. When I grow up, I will play the recorder (I love it)." ~ Owen, 3rd Grader
  • "I like music because I can sing. I like music because best music teacher and the recorder." ~ Caren, 3rd Grader
  • "I love to sing because it makes me feel confident since I don't like singing in front of people. I really like playing the recorder everyday. That's why I like music class". ~ Eva, 3rd Grader
  • "I love to sing and Ms. Lilley is awesome. So music is so cool and right for me. It's so cool to be here with you Ms. Lilley. I love to play the recorder." ~ Jackie, 3rd Grader