4th Grade Students

We provide classroom music instruction for Grades TK - 4th. Here are some stories from the 4th Graders.

This is What Music Means to Me!

  • "I like music class because right after I learn a new recorder song, I can transfer it over to the saxophone. I like singing so the other half of class is that, thankfully. Music and singing is the main way I express myself everyday." ~ Steven, 4th Grader
  • "When I hear music, it inspires me. I feel comfortable and happy when I'm in music. And it is something everyone can look forward to." ~ William, 4th Grader
  • "How people always participate. We have drums to use. I am glad." ~ Forest, 4th Grader
  • "I like the singing because it helps me get negative energy out and I like to sing." ~ Ricky, 4th Grader
  • "Music class means a lot to me. It is not a group of mice squeaking, but a group of kids singing and playing beautiful instruments. Music is in my heart. I get to learn to sing songs, play instruments, and cooperate with others. I already play violin and take dance classes and I love both of them." ~ Sophia, 4th Grader
  • "To me, music is a wonderful way to spend my time. I like it because it makes me think about the song/sound I create and how others think about music. I like playing the recorder because it makes in interesting sound. Also it's fun to learn new notes and songs. To me music is fabulous!" ~ Emily, 4th Grader
  • "What music class means to me is how it can change how you feel all the time. It can also change how your friends feel because you will play with them and you can tell them how you feel and they might feel the same too. And when you feel something it changes how you act too." ~ Julia, 4th Grader
  • "Music helps me with memory because you need to know what note to play. I also like the sound of music, but I don't like singing. Singing isn't my thing." ~ Gabriel, 4th Grader
  • "I like music class because you can sing about anything. I also like it because it is fun to learn new notes and play beautiful music. Finally, I like it because it can be happy, sad, or soothing." ~ Roison, 4th Grader
  • "I love to play the ukulele and I didn't like music but once I came to this school I like music alot! I always love coming to music because it takes me to my happy place!" ~Olivia, 4th Grader
  • "I am so glad that we have music in school because it is nice and peaceful. It also relaxes our minds into a happy place. If we did not have music in school everyone would be so sad." ~ Michaela, 4th Grader
  • "People have been hearing music since the beginning." ~ Gabriel, 4th Grader
  • "Music makes me feel happy. I like to try out new instruments. But sometimes I get mixed up with notes. I really like to sing and I am glad we are learning how to." ~ Camila, 4th Grader
  • "I love the music. I love the music teacher. She is a good singer." ~ Luis, 4th Grader
  • "Music makes me great when it makes me fun...when it is not bad today for me and its not tough to me." ~ Jonathan, 4th Grader
  • "I like dancing with music. I like to hear and enjoy music. I like going to concerts to sing to people, to show what we know." ~ Amy, 4th Grader
  • "I love music class. I like learning new songs and singing them. I like playing the recorder because it's fun playing the notes. I like learning the dances and performing it all in front of parents. Music makes me feel happy and I love singing and listening to music." ~ Jamie, 4th Grader
  • "Music class means learning to play recorder. Just music in general means ALOT to me. At least once every day I listen to the radio. With music, I can just be myself. And remember, enjoy music while you can!" ~ Katie, 4th Grader
  • "Music class means an opportunity to sing and learn to use amazing instruments. I really love the amazing songs we get to learn. Without music we wouldn't get this amazing experience. It makes me feel lost in the amazing music we sing and play. I am very happy to be a part of music. As you can see, I truly love music." ~ Cadence, 4th Grader
  • "I like playing the recorder and learning how to play it. I also like that we get to learn how to dance so we can dance during our singing." ~ Max, 4th Grader
  • "Some of the stuff that music means to me is the music. I like the music because the beat is really pretty and the lyrics are very calm and strong to others. Other stuff it means to me is the songs are really fun to dance to because it makes me feel really happy. My final reason is there is like a billion instruments to choose from..." ~ Aubrey, 4th Grader
  • "I like music class because I like playing different instruments, like the drums and the xylophone. I also like playing the recorder." ~ Declan, 4th Grader
  • "I love playing the recorder because it is challenging and fun." ~ Remy, 4th Grader
  • "I like to groove to the beat because I like music and dancing to it. I love to listen to music...The End!!!" ~ Jaylen, 4th Grader