Enrichment Programs

Learn more about Enrichment After-School Programs for your school. Music Matters is an established provider of well-designed, quality enrichment programs for schools in San Mateo and the surrounding communities. You choose what is best for your school! We have been providing music and dance education to thousands of students on the Peninsula since 1997 at our music & dance school. In addition, we have been travelling on-site to neighboring schools, providing both Classroom Music for elementary level grades and after-school enrichment programs. We provide 4 different course offerings, all for Grades 1 - 5

Glee Chorus Singers

Course Content: A glee club, with great tunes, seasonal fun and good moves! This class teaches proper singing posture, performance poise, diction, and how to project the voice without straining the vocal cords. We sing musical theater numbers, fun folk songs and some seasonal pop-style tunes! Choreography is designed to suit the children in each class. This is great preparation class for students who are interested in improving their musical theater skills. Come and sing with your friends!
 Final concert for loved ones at the end of the session.

Recorder Band

Course Content: Recorder curriculum is used throughout North America and Europe to prepare children for band instruments in middle and high school years. This is our pre-band class, as the children read their recorder music, follow their conductor, learn how to breath and do their fingerings, with a final performance at the end of the session. We feature fun, fun music, with cool accompaniment CD's from a renowned mid-west Recorder Curriculum that the students love. Our songs include classical themes, rock tunes, musical theater repertoire, and modern songs composed with school-aged children in mind. Final presentation for loved ones at the end of the session. Materials fee will apply for recorder and music folder.

Kids’ Ukulele Band

Course Content: Ukulele playing is making a comeback all around the country, the Bay Area included! The emphasis is on having a good time, while learning some ukulele basics. Students learn how to play chords and pluck melodies as a band. We teach a variety of styles, from folk tunes to mini rock tunes. Easy for young musicians to play, and easy to take wherever you go. A great introduction to a guitar-like instrument in a fun, band setting! Final presentation for loved ones at the end of the session. Materials fee will apply for quality ukulele that will hold its tuning and a music folder.

Hip Hop & Jazz Dance!

Recommended for Grades 2 – 5. The focus is on hip hop choreography. Routines are crafted each week by the instructor, with contributions from the students too, as they begin to gain an understanding of hip hop / jazz moves & how solid choreography is put together. Moves, pattern-work, rhythm and stylistic details of jazz & hip hip will be emphasized. These students will learn a variety of warm-ups routines, and dance routines, with a short performance for loved ones at the end of the session. This class is designed to improve memory skills, fine motor skills, and hip hop / jazz dance technique. Stretching, strengthening and fast paced routines keep these dancers focused and improving each week! Final presentation for loved ones at the end of the session.

Our class size can be from 12-25 students. We do need a minimum of 10 students to run the program. We do not exceed 25 students per class.

Our programs are flexible, depending upon the needs of the individual school. We offer courses with a minimum of 8 weeks. We also offer courses for 12 weeks, 16 weeks, 20 weeks or on-going with your school's calendar year. Each class is 1 hour in length, but we can be flexible with the school’s needs.

We request a room that could comfortable accommodate 25 children. We would love a facility with a piano, but we can also make it work without a piano. We can provide our own keyboard and/or audio equipment as well.

Our After-School Enrichment Classes are taught by our wonderful, specialized music teachers from San Mateo’s own Music Matters and Myriad Music School & Dance Academy. The format, the materials, over-all curriculum, and the performance format are designed together with the teachers and the director, Simone Bley. We bring experienced, seasoned teachers to your school. These teachers have a sense of fun, combined with excellent classroom management skills, ensuring both an enthusiastic and productive learning environment. All of our teachers have music degrees with an emphasis in Music or Dance Education in addition to their instrument or dance performance training. All teachers have extensive teaching experience, both at the Myriad Music School & Dance Academy and within classrooms music throughout the United States. Some of our teachers come to us from the east coast and the mid-west where classroom music programs are strong and vibrant for elementary, middle school and high school levels.

Please see the course content described above.

Yes! During the last class, the students will perform for loved ones, featuring highlights of the materials covered. We also do some demonstrations of the skills that were taught.

Music Matters carries its’ own liability insurance. Details can be provided with each after-school enrichment contract per school.