Donations to Neighborhood Schools

Support for our communities' schools is provided through the following:


Music Matters and Myriad Music School & Dance Academy commits to donates over $1000 each year each year in gift certificates to school auctions, special event fundraising and community events each year. Some of the recipient schools are:

"Music class means playing instruments. I like playing the xylophone. I like music class. It makes me happy."

~ Michaela, 1st Grader

"Music class means I can whistle and use a horn to make music. Music class makes me excited."

~ Conner, 2nd Grader

"I like reading music because it's like I can read new language. And I now can play 4 different instruments and when I take music class I will learn more. Music class is great. I love music."

~ Teddy, 3rd Grader

"Music class means a lot to me. It is not a group of mice squeaking, but a group of kids singing and playing beautiful instruments. Music is in my heart. I get to learn to sing songs, play instruments, and cooperate with others. I already play violin and take dance classes and I love both of them."

~ Sophia, 4th Grader

"I like singing because i get really confident that I am good at singing. I also enjoy playing the music games."

~ Sophia, 2nd Grader

"I like music class because it makes me happy and wakes me up for school and I enjoy the rest of my day."

~ Samantha, 1st Grader

"Music can surround you with warmth and it makes you feel good about yourself. Music is an adventure."

~ Darcy, 3rd Grader

"I love to play the ukulele and I didn't like music but once I came to this school I like music a lot! I always love coming to music because it takes me to my happy place!"

~Olivia, 4th Grader