Our Story

Our Story Seven years ago, the director of Myriad Music School and Dance Academy was approached by Meadow Heights to create a viable curriculum for Kindergarten through 4th grade students. Our teachers provide a fun-filled grade-specific program, 30 min/ week per classroom. For over a decade, we have researched and implemented many curriculum here at our own school. This program is the combination of several methods we especially love, and is tailored to benefit children of all musical levels within their grade level. Everyone benefits from this performance and literacy- based program, designed by Music Matters Director. The school children are learning how to read their notes & rhythms, and they prepare for an end of year performance, presented in a June concert, for their families. We have a checklist of skills for each grade level, and are able to measure the success of our instruction by having the children complete fun music dictation games at 4-6 week intervals. If your school is interested, contact us at info@musicmatters.education. We have had a wonderful experience with the principal, teachers and parents in this community. We are entering our 7th year and are thrilled with the results. The children love their music and dance classes and dance classes at school!

"Having fun and being friends singing songs."

~ Alexander, 1st Grader


Simone Bley and Keith Johns are the directors of the Myriad Music School and Dance Academy in San Mateo and are the parents of 2 Meadow Heights students. They are also the music directors of Music Matters, our classroom music curriculum. Simone and Keith are both graduates of Northwestern University in Chicago where they received their Masters Degrees in Music Pedagogy and Brass Performance, respectively. Simone is a credentialed K-8 core subjects and choral music teacher in Canada. They have been hiring, training and providing curriculum guidelines over 100 different music and dance teachers for the past 13 years. Their expertise is in Preschool Music, Children's Choral Education, Piano, Guitar, Voice, String, Pre-Band Recorder Programs, and Brass and Winds Music Instruction for school aged children. Simone is an experienced, professional accompanist. Other choral directing experience includes various middle school choirs in Ontario Canada, Evanston IL, and leading musicianship classes for the Oregon Repertory Singers in Portland OR. Simone founded a children's chorus in Lake Oswego, OR, and worked for 5 years with the Peninsula Girls Chorus on the Peninsula, before starting her own Children's Chorus, Glee Singers and Advanced Glee Singers at Myriad Music School.

"I like singing because my friends are there to help me. And I like learning new notes."

~ Nathan, 2nd Grader


Quality music education that keeps an individual’s self-esteem intact must provide a positive learning environment for all students of all ages - from the recreational music student to those preparing for music conservatories after high school. Our school specializes in starting music education off right - giving our students the tools to read music easily by starting simply, as one would introduce any language. Music Matters gives students gentle, progressive stepping stones to frustration-free coordination at their instruments. Helping a student feel successful in music is directly related to how well the instruction is sequenced and whether or not it is age-appropriate. Anyone can be musical, given the right environment and support.

"Music makes me feel happy and ready to learn new songs. I love singing because all of us are singing the same song and nobody is teasing you. I like playing my recorder because I'm moving my hands and I'm learning new notes. I also like dancing because it makes me happy and I learn new dance moves. I feel proud of myself."

~ Nancy, 3rd Grader


The curriculum has been designed by the directors, and is enhanced/modified by the music teacher in the classroom, to suit the students’ abilities and needs. Our teachers are vibrant and seasoned in the music classroom. One of our primary teachers has been described as "no –nonsense, sweet and very organized!" Many of our teachers are certified classroom teachers. Our teachers demonstrate a good solid, fast-paced teaching style to keep everyone engaged for those short 30 minute classes. Music Matters teachers also teach at Myriad Music School, where they teach choral music, recorder, piano, Ukulele, and Kodaly and Orff based classes.

"I like the singing because it helps me get negative energy out and I like to sing."

~ Ricky, 4th Grader