Principals & Teachers

“Hats off to Music Matters and Ms. Lilley for an excellent job! I was continuously impressed with Ms. Lilley’s music teaching skills and the way she moved the class along. So many items were covered and the kids did beautifully. The children loved their music time and Ms. Lilley. She is a skilled and talented instructor. I enjoyed the music performance and was impressed at the class’s ability to read and play music. And of course, they sang beautifully too. Thanks for your wonderful contribution to the learning of our students!” -- Anna F., 3rd Grade Teacher mmsi1 “The Music Matters program is amazing. The teachers are excellent, prepared, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable. The kids absolutely love the program. This is by far the best music program for classrooms I have seen. We feel extremely lucky that our kids get to have this tremendous music experience.” -- Jen K., 2nd Grade Teacher

Collected Testimonials from Meadow Heights Principal and Teachers:

  • "Music Matters provides a fun, creative approach to teaching music concepts to students. I love how they incorporate movement into their 30 minutes of time with the kids. Also, they choose super catchy songs for the kids to perform!" -- Meadow Heights Teacher
  • "Music Matters provides engaging curriculum that have our Kindergarteners singing, playing instruments and learning about music each week! Lessons are delivered with clarity and excitement. Students know exactly what is expected of them and they learn something new each week. Music helps in all aspects of their learning. They know what a "speaking voice" is and what a "singing voice" is an appropriate times to use different "voices." Music Matters also provides students with dance instruction. This is a great way for Kindergarteners to practice large motor skills while having so much fun! Music Matters plays such an important role in the development of our students. " -- Meadow Heights Kindergarten Teacher
  • "Miss Lilley does a wonderful job keeping the kindergarten class on task during our session. She provides a variety of music activities that manage to keep their attention (songs, games, reading musical notes, games). Miss Lilley also has guest teachers come in to teach special lessons and the students just love this. The students look forward to music class every Tuesday." -- Meadow Heights TK Teacher
  • The 4th grade students absolutely LOVE Ms. Lilly. I am amazed at all the things she covers. She is patient and has good control over the class. Bravo to Music Matters!
  • "It is the best music program I’ve ever seen/been part of. We have had inferior music programs in the past. This program exceeds excellence in teaching multiple music concepts (I learn new things all the time), getting all kids involved, teaching a love of music, etc." -- Meadow Heights Teacher
  • "The teacher is very effective and the students are very engaged in the activities. She varies the class with singing, learning to read music and movement as well as introducing students to various genres of music. As a musician myself, I really appreciate her approach." -- Meadow Heights 3rd Grade Teacher
  • "You provide a quality program that should definitely be shared with more students! Thank you Music Matters!" -- Meadow Heights Teacher