PTA & Parents

The program developed by Music Matters for Meadow Heights Elementary has been a treasured part of our curriculum since 2008. Our students are exposed to a rich musical program with singing, dancing, games and instruments.
The longtime instructor has developed a strong connection to the children, fostering an environment of peer interaction and communication where kids learn to show respect, to sit and be still and quiet for designated periods of time, and to be attentive. Students also learn to understand beat, rhythm, and scales which help their math skills as they recognize patterns, divide, and create fractions. Classes for all grades help kids develop motor skills, requiring movement of hands, arms, and even feet. Their confidence visibly builds with each year as their skills develop.
Always looking for fresh new ways to expose kids to music, Music Matters often brings in talented guest musicians to familiarize the students with fun new sounds like drumming. New instruments are introduced throughout the year, like the ukulele and the xylophone. Every school year brings new and exciting opportunities for kids to build their love of music and learn about sounds and instruments.
The end of each school year provides a special opportunity for kids in each grade level to host family and friends for a special recital showcasing all that they have learned during the year. By the time students are ready to transition to the next level of music classes they have a deep understanding of music and a foundation that has prepared them for their individual parts in the larger ensembles found in the upper grades.
The horizons for the students at Meadow Heights have become higher with the dynamic program developed by Music Matters. Our PTA is so grateful to Music Matters for their dedication to providing a top notch musical education for our students. -- Julie Kaprielian, Meadow Heights PTA President 2013-2015
Music Matters is an integral part of enriching the educational experiences of our students at Meadow Heights. When the District could no longer fund music at our schools, Meadow Heights PTA didn’t want students to lose out on the benefits of music in education. Several programs were reviewed and Music Matters stood out. For more than 7 years, Myriad has taught music to our K-4 students (adding TK in 2014) . When the District became able to pay for music again in our schools using a model similar to Art in Action, rather than switch programs, Meadow Heights chose to keep Music Matters. We wanted to ensure a consistent experience for all of our students; PLUS we (teachers, students and families) wanted to keep our teachers. Music Matters teachers are certificated, fun and teach to the California Standards. By 5th grade, our students can read music, understand rhythm and are more than ready to start instrumental music. Kids look forward to music each week and we (parents) look forward to the (monthly/quarterly) written updates of what kids are learning AND the amazing concerts in May. We love Music Matters for their infectious love of music, their love of our students and their love of teaching music to our kids. -- PTA Representative
“Music Matters is simply wonderful. The teachers there have passed along their extensive knowledge and passion for music to my children in such a way that I know they will be able to truly enjoy making music for the rest of their lives. The teaching methods used by Music Matters are effective and fun. My kids LOVE Music Matters!” -- Maren M., Parent & Meadow Heights PTA Committee Chair
“We have heard nothing but good feedback about the Chorus Class and Music Matters” -- Wendy C., Parent & Beresford Elementary PTA Enrichment Coordinator
"Keith and Simone run an amazing music school, and I was more than thrilled when I heard they were going to start bringing their love of music to my children’s school. Several times I have popped into a class to take pictures, and am always amazed how Ms. Lilley engages the students of all ages. I have seen everything from singing, recorders, drumming on buckets, to dancing with scarves. I hope they are able to share their knowledge and passion of music to as many children as possible.” -- Chrissie L, Parent & Meadow Heights PTA Committee Chair
Music Matters' program at Meadow Heights is amazing! The quality of the coursework and teachers are top notch! The excitement my daughter brought home each week was wonderful. I was most impressed with the course content, the control the teacher had over the class and the amount of quality learning happened in each classes hour lesson. Our daughter has a love of singing that was created and fostered by Music Matters' program. Thank you Meadow Heights PTA and Teachers for bringing this program to our children! Thank you Music Matters for doing an AMAZING job!" -- Cassy F., Parent & Meadow Heights PTA Committee Chair